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Not Heather

Philippines represent!
-I'm incredibly awkward
-Imma be a nurse when I grow up
-Or a flight attendant
-Or be a Sugar baby?!
-I can be super shy
-I like food
-I like all kinds of music just name it
-Not really here for anything lool
-I only wear makeup for photos
-I'd never ever avoid anyone !!
-And yes!! I own an iphone 4s and I wouldn't swap it for the world
If you've read my cringeworthy bio,
do message mi as u wish k bi

kik: @Hxtla
Check out my girls snog @assthetic !!!


All about that life

20 · Female · Heterosexual · Australia

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check my snapchat story: blahkitten

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add me on snapchat: blahkitten

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this is u right?

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My pics:
Kik: friendsandweed

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My pics:
Kik: friendsandweed

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