Below you can keep track of what is going on at Snog.

Friday, 23rd of February 2018
  • » Snapchat link now actually goes somewhere. (Thanks @jordanTBH)
  • » New users are now sent an email confirmation link to confirm their email address.
  • » Added password reset functionality.
  • » An automatic email is now sent upon changing your password, just for good measure.
  • » When deleting an answer, the answer form will now reappear.
  • » Upon answering a user, the verification icon will now show (if you're verified).
  • » Fixed the Emoji editor, now using a CDN.
  • » Fixed an issue with message conversation notifications. (Thanks @death)
  • » Verification badges will now show upon commenting, previously they didn't until you refreshed the page.
  • » Verification badges will now appear on livefeed in real time.
  • » You will no longer appear in the top bar random verified users.

Wednesday, 21st of February 2018
  • » If a user has chosen to hide from the livefeed, a web socket notification will no longer broadcast.
  • » If a user who doesn't hide themselves from the livefeed answers someone who does, the feed will still be hidden & vice-versa.
  • » An email is now sent to say good bye when/if you deactivate your account. :(
  • » Email verifications have been enabled, new users will receive an email asking them to verify their account.
  • » Blocked user check is now both ways, blocker - and blockee.

Monday, 19th of February 2018
  • » Box shadow added to sub-navigation to make it stand out a little more.
  • » Both navigators set to a 30px bottom margin.
  • » All 'cards' now have a 30px bottom margin, other than answer related cards.
  • » Removed margin from photos within profile photos box, they're not aligned evenly.
  • » 'Load more answers' button will now hide if there are no answers to show.
  • » When a profile has no answers to show the error is now within a dark green error box.
  • » When there are no more answers to fetch, the current answers will no longer disappear.
  • » If a users profile is deactivated, a yellow warning notice will appear for moderators.
  • » 503 errors will no longer occur for non-logged in users who view deactivated accounts.
  • » Deactivated account check added to photos, activity & milestones page.
  • » Optimisations to the top bar, some functions will now only run if a visitor is authenticated.
  • » Inbox & conversation counts will no longer fetch twice.

Saturday, 17th of February 2018
  • » Login & sign-up forms now have pretty errors
  • » Last activity on conversations is now judged by the last message sent, and not when the conversation was viewed.
  • » Unread conversations are now highlighted in blue.
  • » Vastly improved messenger conversations.
  • » Upgraded our website to Laravel 5.6.x, updated our website packages & changed our website to PHP 7.2.x.

Saturday, 10th of February 2018
  • » Improvements to many pages that had inline styles / poor margins.
  • » Improved mobile responsiveness on profile pages.
  • » Created this page!