Community Guidelines

Last updated March 1st, 2015

Snog is an awesome place to discover new people and our community of users want your help to keep it that way. We are all in this together so let's help keep Snog clean and fun!

Stick to these basic rules:

Always wear appropriate clothing

Seriously, don't post tasteless, or naked photos. There are plenty of other websites on the internet where you can do that. If you continue to upload inappropriate photos your account will get permanently suspended. Two strikes and your out! (depending on the severity) If you have a great number of inappropriate photos we will suspend your account.

Be yourself. No fakes

Don't pretend to be someone else. Honestly, you'll get way more Snogs and Marries just for being yourself. Copyrights are important to us and if you don't own rights to a photo, don't post it. If you create a fake account after you have verified your account, we will permanently suspend that account and ban you from the site.

We want to keep Snog authentic and we will take down any fake accounts.

Be respectful

Snog doesn't tolerate threats, bullying, harassment or hate speech. Doing this kind of thing will get your account deleted and possibly reported to the police. Seriously.

Sexual propositions. Don't do it and don't post in your profile.

Making sexual propositions or sexual innuendos to anyone under the age of 18 years old is against our terms of service and illegal in many places.

This kind of activity will get your account deleted, permanently suspended and reported to your local police.

Good rule of thumb, don't make any sexual propositions to anyone at whatever age or post anything sexual on your taglines, headlines or about me. We will suspend your account. This is the not site to satisfy your sexual fantasies!

Spam and Repetitive posting

Spam is really annoying. The Snog community doesn't like it so don't post pictures or comments in a repetitive or automated way to promote things like your account, a website, a product or to get to know people. Each user is unique, they deserve better.

Spamming people to ask for personal information will get your account suspended permanently.

Profile Pictures

Show your face in your profile picture. The Snog community are super positive and you'll get more Snogs and Marries by showing your face. If you don't, your account will get suspended.

About me, headlines, content, comments and messages

Nudity, rude comments, racism, cursing, harassment, excessive creepiness, spam, fakers, underage users, sexual propositions... none of it flies here. Ask real questions! Keep it clean; keep it fun; keep it focused on opinions and advice.

Interest Pages

Keep it interesting and fun! Remember to keep 'em clean or we'll clean 'em up for you. The same guidelines for photos applies here.

Thanks so much for your help to keep Snog an awesome community,

The Snog Community Representatives